Our story

We are fans of all living things, but we have a soft spot for the special, impressive and extraordinary animals on our beautiful globe. One such mythical creature is the narwhal, once called the world's most eccentric animal by National Geographic. A kind of whale, with a large ivory horn for a tooth. The unicorn of the ocean, so to speak. Mythical, spectacular and a little crazy. In the right way, that's exactly what you'll find in our collection.

Sustainable collections

We use two types of fabric for our swimming trunks. One collection is made from recycled plastic bottles and the other collection from a blend of polyester, spandex and 37% coconut husks. The “plastic bottle fabric” is the Fenc® TopGreen®, which is GRS certified. Each pair of pants contains 4 to 8 recycled PET bottles, depending on the size of the garment. Our t-shirts are made from GOTS certified organic cotton. We also only use recycled material for our labels and packaging.

Working Conditions

In addition to sustainability, we also attach great importance to the working conditions of factory workers. The factory where the swimsuits are made is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The factory where the t-shirts are made is located in Tirupur, India. The employees in both factories receive a fair wage and work normal working hours. The factories have the most modern equipment, which improves safety. All this translates into certification to the highest standards on the market.